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Point Of Know Return Live & Beyond 2-CD Digipak

Point Of Know Return Live & Beyond 2-CD Digipak


KANSAS: Point Of Know Return Anniversary Tour was captured live, and is now being released on vinyl / 2-CD

Live recording of KANSAS performing Point Of Know Return and more on 2-CDs

All orders will receive a digital copy of the album sent via e-mail, in addition to a physical copy

You'll receive a digital download single Point Of Know Return on the next business day following your purchase

The digipak has 22 songs spread over 2-CDs in a digipak case with a foldout booklet

Point Of Know Return Live & Beyond Tracklisting

1. Cold Grey Morning
2. Two Cents Worth
3. The Wall
4. Song for America
5. Summer
6. Musicatto
7. Taking in the View
8. Miracles Out of Nowhere

1. Point of Know Return
2. Paradox
3. The Spider
4. Portrait (He Knew)
5. Closet Chronicles
6. Lightning's Hand
7. Dust in the Wind
8. Sparks of the Tempest
9. Nobody's Home
10. Hopelessly Human
11. Carry On Wayward Son
12. People of the Southwind
13. Refugee
14. Lonely Wind

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