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Kansas There's Know Place Like Home DVD

Kansas There's Know Place Like Home DVD


This live symphonic DVD celebrates the 35th anniversary of the release of the band's 1974 self-titled debut album. The show was filmed on February 7, 2009 in HD mixed in 5.1 surround sound at Washburn University's White Concert Hall.

Track Listing

  1. Howling At The Moon - Maggie Renfroe
  2. Belexes - Maggie Renfroe
  3. Point Of No Return - Maggie Renfroe
  4. Song For America
  5. On The Other Side
  6. Musicatto
  7. Ghosts/Rainmaker
  8. Nobody's Home
  9. Hold On
  10. Cheyenne Anthem
  11. Icarus II
  12. Icarus: Borne On The Wings Of Steel
  13. Miracles Out Of Nowhere
  14. Incommudro
  15. The Wall
  16. Fight Fire With Fire
  17. Dust In The Wind
  18. Carry On Wayward Son
  19. Down The Road

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